Front Page: Tieto Traficom
Front Page: Tieto Traficom

Traficom's work to improve safety in 2022

In 2022, the focus of the Finnish aviation safety management measures was on identifying the changes and threats to operations caused by the war in Ukraine and taking them into account in oversight and safety promotion.

In addition to oversight, Traficom has in recent years invested strongly in aviation cyber security, e.g. by producing a strategic situational picture of aviation cyber security in cooperation with key aviation operators. Furthermore, Traficom has encouraged operators to carry out a self-evaluation of their cyber security management performance with the help of the Kybermittari service developed by the National Cyber Security Centre Finland and published and updated its aviation cyber security website (in Finnish) (External link).
The significance of this work was emphasised as the cyber operating environment changed along with the escalating situation in Ukraine.    

In 2020–2021, the management of threats caused by the coronavirus pandemic played a central role. Traficom continued this work also in 2022, but as the restrictions related to the pandemic eased in the spring, the operations began to return to normal. The focus increasingly shifted to ensuring that returning to normal operations happened safely, e.g. by means of reliable change and fatigue management.

National risk management work (see: FASP Chapter 2.6) continued in all aviation domains according to a model that has already been used for years. Joint risk workshops were arranged together with operators from different aviation domains. The national aviation risk management process and tools were made more efficient during the year.

Safety promotion (see FASP, chapter 4.2) remained an important part of the measures and was done through offering necessary guideline and safety communication material to officials and aviation operators.
In January, Traficom organised a webinar on safety culture as part of SMS work (in Finnish) (External link) for all aviation operators, aiming to provide operators with tools and perspectives for developing a positive safety culture. The domain-specific risk workshops arranged during the year focused on a practical approach to the themes of safety culture together with aviation operators, while taking into account the special characteristics of each domain. The extensive safety culture website (in Finnish) (External link) provides further information.

Traficom published five safety bulletins (in Finnish) (External link) during the year on themes such as winter operation both in commercial air transport as well as general and recreational aviation. The two winter operation bulletins were also translated into English and communicated widely to foreign operators.

The annual Lentoon! seminar (in Finnish) (External link) for operators in general and recreational aviation was arranged as a remote event in cooperation with Fintraffic ANS (responsible for the arrangements), Finavia, the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finnish Aeronautical Association (SIL) and AOPA Finland (SMLL).

Traficom also continued as usual to implement the other measures of the Finnish Plan for Aviation Safety 2022-2026 (PDF)(External link) (External link) published in April.

You can find more information on aviation safety, such as links to the safety bulletins published by Traficom and other sources of safety information, at Traficom’s website on aviation safety information (External link).