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Investment in telecommunications

These statistics detail investments made by telecommunications operators operating in Finland in their fixed and mobile network operations and TV and radio operations. The data is collected from telecommunications operators once a year. The statistics are produced by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.


The investment information of 2020 was corrected at the time of updating the figures for 2021.


Tangible investments in telecommunications are indicated as gross investments in euros, including, e.g., real estate, vehicles and office equipment supporting the business in each subcategory. All fibre investments, including backbone fibre, are included in fixed network investments. If it is not clear whether an investment (for example an equipment room) should be included in figures for the fixed network or mobile network, it is included in fixed network investments. The investments include invested broadband aid.

The investment rate in telecommunications is calculated by dividing total investments in telecommunications by the total turnover of the telecommunications industry.

Definitions of communications service statistics